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Katie Liesmann

Epicom Launches Affordable Online SugarCRM Training Courses

Katie Liesmann | May 12, 2017

Epicom Corporation today announced it will offer new SugarCRM training courses called Micro Courses. Micro Courses are focused trainings that range from two to four hours on specific Sugar topics, such as Advanced Workflows, Sugar Studio and Sugar Logic. Epicom has partnered with Sugar University, SugarCRM’s training program, to offer these courses.

The Micro Courses designed by SugarCRM and taught by Epicom’s SugarCRM experts are designed to efficiently fit in the essentials of a topic into a short amount of time. The courses allow admins and users of Sugar to continue their CRM education in a way that doesn’t take up too many resources.

“We fully believe in the power of training to increase user adoption across any organization,” said Linus Rinke, Epicom’s Project Manager of Development and Training. “To better support our customers and Sugar users, we’ve developed many different training offerings over time. This includes online and onsite courses, train-the-trainer workshops, and advanced developer training. We also host a Sugar User Group series with more than 1,000 members worldwide and offer several free online resources through our blog. Our decision to offer Micro Courses was based on these collective experiences as well as our desire to make courses available to a larger group of users.”

The following Micro Courses are currently scheduled:

  • A two hour reports training on June 20. The reporting class is good for admins who want to ask detailed questions about reports or for users who want to learn to make reports on their own. The course incorporates hands on experience to teach users to efficiently build, share, and schedule reports. Click here for more information.
  • A three hour studio training on June 24 .The studio class is good for any user who has administrative privileges and wants to get started configuring Sugar to meet their business needs. Topics covered include creating custom fields, hiding unused fields, changing layouts, and creating relationships. Click here for more information.

Epicom encourages Sugar users to sign up for the trainings as soon as possible, as seats are limited. Click here to see a full list of Epicom’s upcoming training courses through Sugar University.